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76 - Bethel McGrew on Revoice and Concupiscence

January 17, 2023 Chase Davis
Full Proof Theology
76 - Bethel McGrew on Revoice and Concupiscence
Show Notes

In this interview with Bethel McGrew, we discuss the various problems with the Revoice Movement and historic Christian orthodoxy. We start with a discussion of her PhD in math. Bethel recounts various figures in the Revoice Movement including Greg Johnson. She helps us see the impact of this movement and various teachers caught up in their teachings. We also discuss sin nature, desire, temptation, and concupiscence. When does a desire become a sin? Are we in sin if we have a sinful thought? What about temptation?

Bio from Substack - Freelance writer, teacher, maths Ph.D., cultural critic, bad Anglican. You might have spotted me at National Review, First Things, The Spectator, The Critic, Patheos, Quillette, Plough, or someplace else.

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Bethel on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BMcGrewvy

Bethel’s Substack - https://bethelmcgrew.substack.com/

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