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77 - Micah Caswell on Micah the Prophet and Micah 6:8

January 24, 2023 Chase Davis
Full Proof Theology
77 - Micah Caswell on Micah the Prophet and Micah 6:8
Show Notes

In this interview with Micah Caswell (returning guest!), we discuss his commentary on the book of Micah. We discuss what led Micah to write this commentary as well as the context of the Micah the Prophet. We dive into Micah 6:8 which is a verse often used by people for a variety of social justice issues. Micah and I share our different perspectives on it’s application for us today and close out talking about helping kids and people know the Bible more.

My Endorsement: “With clarity and conviction, Caswell demonstrates that the book of Micah is essential for faithful gospel preaching. This commentary illuminates the bountiful opportunities available to every pastor and Christian to speak the good news of Jesus Christ. Replete with illustrations and applications, Caswell has provided a resource which is as accessible as it is helpful."

Micah’s Bio - “Prior to Redeemer Church, I led a small non profit and pastored at churches in Austin and Houston. I am a graduate of the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green). I also hold degrees from Dallas Seminary, Southwestern Seminary, and Toronto Baptist Seminary. My doctorate is from Southern Seminary in the area of explaining and applying the Old Testament Minor Prophets. 

In addition to my role at Redeemer Church, I teach the Biblical Worldview class to the seniors at Denton Calvary Academy. I am a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors and offer free biblical counseling to the Covenant Members and regular attenders of Redeemer Church. However, I also offer counseling to the community through Covenant Biblical Counseling. Finally, I also serve as the Church Planter Recruiter with the Denton Baptist Association’s SEND Church Planting Network. 

I have contributed two chapters in the Noble Company series on John Pitman and Thomas Roberts. Recently I was able to contribute to Baptist Way Press’ study on the miracles of Jesus and their study on the Gospel of Mark. I have also published a  book on Thomas Patient who planted the first Irish Baptist churches. Finally, I recently published a commentary on the Old Testament book of Micah.”

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